Sheila Bleck Bio

Born: 10-14-1974 in a small town Coos Bay Oregon

High School: North Bend High School

Currently living in Tampa Florida

Partner: Pontus Bergfelt. I am in Sweden with him several

Months out of the year.

Siblings: Sherry Bleck (Identical Twin) she resides in Vancouver

Washington with fiancé Brian McKlaine.

Mother: Rebecca Bleck , currently resides in Oregon

Height: 5 foot 7 inches

Weight: 164 pounds. Contest weight: 154pnds

Passions: Other than being a competitive bodybuilder. I will always enjoy lifting weights.

I love creating different training regimens for myself. I am passionate about staying flexible,

Agility, and good cardio vascularity. I am passionate about music, stage choreography. I enjoy creating recipes

For keto like diets, experimenting. Understanding the human body its mechanics, blood type, metabolism.

I enjoy learning of others who are similar to my own likings. Such as Yoga, triathletes, cross fitters, cyclist, and runners

You name it, I am fascinated by these activities and those who involve themselves with them.

In professional bodybuilding. It’s been real amazing for me to be top 4th, 5th, and 6th in the world. No, I never knew I’d make it

That far. I have a reputation for my stage performances. I have to admit I felt more strain with what I had to do for every show that Dieting and training hard become easy for me. At age 38. Being living this competitive life since 1993. I am now working on my Career goals. I will in time post these new adventures in my life inside my blog to keep everyone updated with me.


Competition highlights

Bill Pearl Classic 1993: 2nd place Heavy

Oregon Coast Champ 1995 1st place Heavy

Oregon State Champ 1998 1st place Heavy

Oregon State Champ 1999 1st place Heavy

Oregon State Champ 2000 Overall Champ

Emerald Cup 2000 Overall Champ

USAs Nationals 2000 16th place

Contra Costa 2002 Overall Champ


   Nationals 2003 6th place Heavy

   National 2005 11th place

   USAs Nationals 2006 3rd place

   Nationals 2006 3rd place

   USAs Nationals 2007 2nd place

   Nationals 2008 Overall earning pro card status

   New York Pro show 2010 (pro debut) 2nd place

   Ms.Olympia 2010 4th place

   Ms.Olympia 2011 6th place

   Tampa Pro show 2012 2nd place and best performance award

    Ms.Olympia 2012 6th place


After winning the overall at the Emerald Cup. It was Steve Wennerstrom

Whom found me. He gave me publicity. During this time. Steve was the

Photographer and writer for Women’s Physique World magazine and 

Flex magazine. I have a big lay out in this addition here, as well as 

The Fem n Flex section in Flex called the Portland Power Surge in which

Sadly I cannot find. So these were my 2000 media highlights. Only for it to 

Happen again in 2002 for Flex magazine in the Fem n Flex section with my

Twin sister after I got the overall at the Contra Costa 2002, called Fem and Flex

Personality Bleck on the horizon, written and photographed by Steve Wennerstrom.



Then a year later. When placing 6th at Nationals in 2003, Women’s Physique World

Took another liking to me and I graced the front cover of WPW mag in 2004 once again.

These were my media highlights in the beginning. These were also the best days for

Women bodybuilders gaining publicity through our muscle magazines. 

Sheila Bleck

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